MW Luts - Sony A7 Series

MW Luts - Sony A7 Series

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As shots vary between different lighting environments and camera settings, you might need to make adjustments to overall exposure, white balance, saturation, and tint. Luts might be too strong in some lighting conditions, dial back strength or opacity to taste.

Created for the following picture profiles:

Slog 2 / S Gamut 3 Cine (my favorite)

Slog3 / S Gamut 3 Cine

Cine 4
Gamma: Cine 4
Color Mode: S.gamut3 Cine
Black Level: +2
Black Gamma: Wide, 0
Knee: Manual, Point 80%, Slope 0


These luts should work just fine on the "base" Cine 4 / S.gamut settings, however these are the settings I prefer when using Cine 4.